London Trackway – Track #75


The 75th footprint was the 40th consecutive cast taken from the site.  Though only two toes are clearly visible, there is a hint of the third digit as it pressed into the substrate.  The toes show the striations that are common on many of the casts, and these striations curve in a fashion that suggest a clenching of the digits as they entered or exited the substrate.  Interestingly, the third digit shows no such striations.

The contour of the foot pad has a natural look about it, and is slightly deeper in the ball area than in the mid part of the foot.  The heel pushed over 14 mm into the substrate and is particularly deep.  It is much more deeply impressed than both the mid part of the foot, as well as the ball.  The medial edge, or inside, of the entire foot impressed more deeply than the lateral, or outside, of the foot.

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