London Trackway – Track #78



Simple, yet nicely formed, track number seventy-eight is both unique and beautiful.  This shallow impression clearly shows all five digits.

The first digit, or big toe, caused a significant disturbance in the substrate.  The shape of this digit is thus obscured by the substrate it kicked up.  This disturbance might be indicative of more pressure exerted by the first digit than from the others, but this is far from certain.

The second digit seems to impress more deeply than the first, but this could be the result of the lack of detail left by the disturbance made by the first digit.

Unlike many of the other London Tracks, the medial ball is impressed more deeply than any other part of the foot.  The heel is also clearly evident.

The toes vary in the depth they impressed into the ground.  Between digits three and four the difference in depth is about eight millimeters.

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