London Trackway – Track #82


Track number 82 came at an interesting point in the trackway.  It was here that the sasquatch made an abrupt left hand turn and started heading towards the lake shore.  This pivot point caused a great deal of disturbance in the substrate which later transferred to the cast.  Interestingly only the forepart of the foot made an impression.  It is unknown whether this was the only part of the foot that was in touch with the ground, or if the ground itself was perhaps too hard packed for a good impression of the heel and midpart of the foot to be recorded.

Four toes show on the cast, and they impressed with increasing depth from digits one through four.  The differences in depth between the digits are as follows: 1/2= 4 mm, 2/3 = 12 mm, 3/4= 18 mm.  Of interest is the appearance that digits two and three are subtly flexed at different angles at a joint in the phylanges (see photo below).

One pauses to wonder what made the creature make a beeline towards the shore at this point.  The step length stays more or less the same, so the creature doesn’t seem to have been in a particular hurry to leave the area.  In fact, the average step length between tracks 2 and 16 are within one cm of the average step length between tracks 56 through 62 (120.99 cm for 2-16, and 120.11 cm for tracks 56-62).  Only later from tracks 103 to 118 does the average step length shorten to around 106 cm, probably because of an increasingly steep slope.  It can be speculated that whatever the creature ventured out onto the lake bed for was not found, and it felt vulnerable being so far from cover.  Perhaps this speculation is supported by the fact that the creature exited the lake bed at a spot where there was some tree cover.

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