London Trackway – Track #85


Track number 85 is an interesting print with very deep toe impressions.  All five digits are well defined with the first digit being the deepest, penetrating a full 6.1 cm into the substrate.  Interestingly, this cast is different than many others in the London Trackway because the fifth digit is more clearly pronounced and impressed deeper into the substrate than the fourth digit.  The heel is also clear and well-rounded.

The differences in depth between the various digits is as follows: 1/2= 11 mm, 2/3 = 21 mm, 3/4 = 29 mm, and 4/5 = 4 mm (but the fifth digit is deeper than the fourth).

The toes show the striations common on many of these casts.  The end in a stark line near what is interpreted to be the toe pad.  However, the striations are not parallel to each other, which might be an indication of independent toe movement.

As is visible in other casts, there is a strange parabolic shape connecting the ball to the toe pads.  This has been noted in other casts, and might be indicative of a hoax.  However, the hints at independent toe movement suggest that a prosthetic could not have been used to produce this print.

The London Trackway continues to confound me, yet it also continues to teach me.  Hopefully my efforts at thorough documentation will shed more light on this unique set of data.

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