London Trackway – Track #93


Track number 93 is another messy print, which I often find to be the most interesting.  This print shows a shallow heel impression, almost no depth to the mid part of the foot, and then three deeply-gouged toe prints.  As many other of the London tracks, only three toes left a recordable impression, and they did so very deeply.  This particular sasquatch seems to walk by grabbing the ground with the first three digits, almost as if grasping it to keep its footing.  Perhaps this is because of the slippage observed earlier in the trackway, or maybe this is just how bigfoots walk.

The three digits are impressed into the ground not only at different depths, but also at different angles.  Digit two and three were measured to be at 132.6 degrees and 125.2 degrees respectively.  Digit one lacks the bend that is seen in the mid part of the toe in digits two and three.  This is another example of independent toe movement.  Subtle differences such as these lend credence to the trackway being authentic.

Along the leading edge of the digits is a line in the cast.  This line protrudes out from the smooth rounded underside of the third digit a millimeter or two, and is highly suggestive of a rough, uncut toenail.  Further supporting this hypothesis is that the striations that can be seen in many of the footprints (all of which have the same pattern, thus showing that it is an artifact of the foot that made the impression, not of the substrate) all end at this line.  If the striations are the result of a rough leading edge of the toenail (as one would expect a bigfoot toenail to be) it would be expected that the striations would end here.  If these are indicative of toenails, it is notable that the toenail line is not exactly straight across the toes, but are slightly differentiated in position, once again indicating independent toe movement.

The messiest of footprint casts often yield the most information.  In this case, this cast sheds light on the toenails, independent toe movement, and the peculiar tridactyl grasping action of the toes.

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