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Bigfoot Roadtrip DVD:

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Cliff Barackman doesn’t just go bigfooting on Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot.  Making television is his job, but bigfooting is his life.  When not on the road doing the show, Cliff often goes bigfooting with his friend and videographer, Craig Flipy.  Over the years, the two have amassed quite a bit of footage detailing their adventures.  Now this footage has been compiled into a DVD release for you to enjoy.  Come with Cliff and Craig on a Bigfoot Roadtrip like no other.

Cliff supplies the bigfooting know-how while Craig films and edits the footage into a weird’s-eye view of things unseen by most normal folks.  Together they present a video package that both informs and entertains.

The Bigfoot Roadtrip DVD is broken into eight chapters, each taking place on a totally different road trip.  The opening chapter gives a brief biographical background of Cliff and Craig.  The second chapter invites the viewer on a backpacking trip with the duo to Mount St. Helens to explore this unique bigfoot habitat.  The third chapter details the circumstances around a never-before-seen footprint cast from Gates, OR, including an on-camera interview with the witness.  This is followed by a visit with the Olympic Project at their research headquarters on the Olympic Peninsula in chapter four.  Chapter five details Cliff’s analysis of a photograph of a possible sasquatch taken near the Clackamas River (spoiler alert: Cliff thinks it’s a bigfoot and tells you why).  The next chapter is about the discovery of an unseen historical cast from the the 1982 Grays Harbor casting event that has been sitting a woman’s garage for the last thirty years.  The final informative chapter is an in-depth look at the discovery, casting, and beginnings of the analysis of the London Trackway, including interviews with John Kirk and Dr. Jeff Meldrum.

Yes, and there are special features too.  Get into a car and go “drifting” with Bobo.  Listen to the last interview ever given about his work and legacy by the late Scott McClean.  Also feast your eyes on photographs of every London footprint, both the casts themselves, as well as the impressions in the ground before plaster was poured.

I admit I’m a little biased, but I am hard pressed to think of another bigfooting DVD with so much actual bigfoot information in it.  This is no nightvision walk in the dark with folks saying, “Did you hear that?”  This is real bigfoot stuff that every bigfooter wants to see.  I know that because I made this DVD for me.  It’s stuff I want to see in a bigfooting DVD.  I know you’ll enjoy it too.

Come along on a Bigfoot Roadtrip.  It’s fun.

Enjoy the slideshow of stills and preview from the Bigfoot Roadtrip DVD below:

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