Pints Barn


Pints Barn
114 E Street Southwest, Tumwater, WA
(360) 628-8838 

Pints Barn is a cool little bar in the backwaters of Tumwater, WA, right outside of Olympia.  The place is very close to the intersection of the 101 and Interstate 5.  

I was first made aware of this cool little place while filming the Olympic Peninsula episode of Finding Bigfoot.  There was an excellent wood carving of a life-sized bigfoot in their outside patio.  Inside, a band called “The Legend of Bigfoot” was playing.  Clearly, the establishment is owned by a friend of the sasquatch.  The owner, as well as the statue, is shown to the right.

Scott, the owner, as well as the lead bartender (didn’t catch his name) both love bigfoot.  This is no surprise, as most folks do.  However, they put their money where their mouth is when they purchased the wood carving to adorn the patio area.  It is one of the better carvings I’ve seen, and well worth a stop-in for a few photo opportunities.

The bar is decorated with the original furnishings of the original Olympia Brewery Tasting Room.  Lots of wood and older beer antiques are proudly displayed in the comfy drinking chambers.  Several good beers flow through their taps.

This place is no joke, and a must-see on any bigfoot road trip.


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