Skene Valley Country Club


Skene Valley Country Club

Rural Route 2
Whitehall, New York 12887
Washington County
Phone(s): (518) 499-1685
Fax: (518) 499-1685

This rural golf course and country club is the site of a bigfoot encounter by owner/operator, Cliff Sparks.  Cliff and his dog were tending the green of the first hole of the golf course one night when he encountered a large, hairy man standing over seven feet tall with glowing red eyes.  He didn’t share his story for some time, but eventually came clean about his encounter.  Since that time, he and his wife have adopted the bigfoot on the country club’s logo, which adorns their signs, cards, magnets, and shirts that are for sale in the establishment.

I dropped by the Skene Valley Country Club on my day off from shooting Finding Bigfoot and visited with Pat Sparks, Cliff’s wife.  Pat invited me over to visit with Cliff, but time constraints prohibited me from doing so.  Still, I managed to visit the first hole where Cliff’s encounter happened many years ago.

Cliff Sparks’ encounter, along with many others from the area, is detailed in Paul Bartholomew’s excellent book, Monsters of the Northwoods.

The first Green at the Skene Valley Country Club


Skene Valley Country Club Bigfoot Classic