Submit Your Own Bigfoot Road Trip Attraction!


There are literally thousands of bigfoot businesses, statues, street names, and other attractions across the world.  I can’t be everywhere at once, so I need you to help me in my endeavor to map out as many bigfoot road trip attractions as possible.

As you travel the world, if you run into something bigfooty, take a photo of it.  Later, return to this web page and upload the photo with a bit of information.  I will then take the info you submitted and plot the point on my ever-growing Bigfoot Road Trip Interactive Map.

The form below will be only visible by me.  Your personal information will not be shared.  However, if you include yourself in your photo it will be posted publicly.

By submitting a photo, you give me the right to display it publicly in any way that I see fit, in any venue or media, for ever and ever until the world ends and beyond.  Obviously, all submissions are subject to my approval.


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