Thanksgiving Bigfoot

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Nov 072018

Thanksgiving Bigfoot Turkey Shirt

I do love November for its weather, holidays and for my birthday later in the month.  I suspect that sasquatches do too, and for all the same reasons. 

I also love that there is a holiday in November that celebrates gratitude.  Are you thankful for bigfoot?  I am.  


If you click the link above and purchase that shirt, I get a small commission on it.  It’s OK, though.  I wouldn’t offer you any products that I don’t personally like.  

Yeti, Set, Go!

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Oct 052018

Yeti, Set, Go!

From the same good people who brought you the game Yeti in my Spaghetti comes their next cryptozoological installment, Yeti, Set, Go!  I haven’t played this one, but it seems that you try to kick meatballs to the top of a mountain ledges, and the first player to kick all their meatballs on the ledges wins.  Simple, to the point, and squatchy.  I love it.  




Disclaimer: The above links sends you right to the Amazon page where you can buy this game.  I get a small commission on your purchase, but I wouldn’t recommend this game if it didn’t look like a good way for your children (or your inner child) to enjoy some family time with a hairy hominoid theme!  

Oops! Finding Bigfoot Photo Bomb Blooper

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Jan 092017

Every once in a while, a keen-eyed viewer writes to me about a figure they see in the background of a Finding Bigfoot episode that could be a bigfoot.  Every time (so far), it has been a crew member that failed to hide themselves well.  A few years ago I wrote a short article to explain this to my readers. 

Another instance of this has been popping up lately from our most recent expedition to the east side of Mount Hood in Oregon.  Several viewers have spied figures under the trees as I walk by a treeline around the 40 minute mark in the episode (see the photo above).  Those figures are the other cast members trying to stay out of site of the helicopter that is filming me!  It seems that (most likely) Bobo was standing a bit further out from behind the trees than he though!  

Oh well, we all make mistakes…