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Feb 192018


Bill Lancaster of Bilco Productions has put together a new documentary that examines the bigfoot community and what drives us to do what we do.  The film is full of interviews from a who’s-who list of bigfooters, including Loren Coleman, Bobo, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Lyle Blackburn and more.  

The documentary is available on two streaming platforms at the moment, and DVDs are also available!  You can go directly to the Amazon platform by clicking the link below:

Cultured Bigfoot on Amazon

The other platform is Nick Groff’s new streaming platform called  This is a subscription service for streaming content having to do with cryptids which holds high promise for being the dominant hub for bigfoot and other cryptozoological information in the coming years.  Here is the link for that platform:

The Cryptid Space

DVDs are now for sale, and can be obtained by emailing Bill Lancaster at, or by visiting the Bilco Productions Facebook page and sending a message to the administrator.  The DVDs are $15, but if you order 10 or more, you will receive a 40% discount.  

Dec 202017

I had a nice visit from John Rosman from OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting) a few weeks ago.  He wanted to talk to me about the legacy and impact of the Patterson/Gimlin Film 50 years after it was obtained down in Bluff Creek, CA.  We spent a couple hours in my garage looking at the film, talking about the creature and its movements, and looking at casts.  He was very interested in the subject, and had read a bit before coming over to do the interview.  (Informed reporters do interviews that are much more enjoyable.)

The article he was working on just came out today.  There is a video component as well, so be sure to click on the article to check out the interviews of me in my garage, and of Dr. Jeff Meldrum in his lab via Skype.  

Film Introducing Bigfoot To World Still Mysterious 50 Years Later

Although it’s been decades since the Patterson-Gimlin film turned a Northwest legend, Bigfoot, into a household name, the footage and stories behind it still remain fascinating 50 years later.

The filmmakers, and namesakes of the film, are two former rodeo men from Yakima County in Washington. One, Bob Gimlin, still lives there. Roger Patterson died in 1972. They shot the footage off the banks of Bluff Creek in Northern California.

Bigfoot is seen on film for less than one minute, but one frame — 352 — has pretty much become the universal symbol for Sasquatch. And that famous giant walking ape is actually a she; her name is Patty.

But what might be most surprising — after a half century of advancement in film and costume technology — is that this footage has yet to be officially debunked.

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