Sep 072015

Humans like to think of ourselves as special, often relegating them to the rank of just “dumb animals.”  Sure, we are pretty special, but nearly all of the things that make us special can be seen in some form or other in the other apes.  Planning for the future is one of those things.

The article below details a chimpanzee taking down a drone from flight, and a paper was published in a peer-reviewed journal discussing the event (You can click this link to go straight to the journal article detailing the behavior in the journal, Primates).  As it turns out, it wasn’t some random act of aggression.  The chimp planned ahead to take down the unwanted aerial intruder and was successful.  Continue reading below for more.

Drone-Swatting Chimp’s Moves More Calculated Than We Thought

An enterprising chimpanzee caught the world’s attention earlier this year when she swatted a camera-mounted drone out of the sky as it buzzed past though her habitat in Royal Burgers’ Zoo in the Netherlands:

As it turns out, the chimpanzee’s attack wasn’t a random act, but rather a deliberate, planned response to a perceived threat.

In a newly published study, researchers reveal that the drone had recently completed a test pass through the chimpanzee habitat. At first sight of the drone, the chimpanzees collected willow twigs from the ground and ascended up scaffolding to the drone’s level, preparing to incapacitate the airborne interloper (and, predictably, succeeding).

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