Excellent Additions to any Bigfoot Library


While perhaps not essential to every bigfooter’s library, the following books are excellent additions that would certainly round out one’s education on the subject.  They range from first-hand accounts of working with witnesses, to historical tomes detailing the earliest investigations into the bigfoot mystery.  All of these books are interesting in their own unique ways, and all are recommended reads.

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Finding Bigfoot: Everything You Need to Know (Animal Planet)
Introduction by Cliff Barackman

Sure, I wrote the introduction and read it for the audio version of the book (Finding Bigfoot: Everything You Need to Know (Animal Planet)), but with or without me, it’s an excellent book on the subject.  It’s chock full of photos, diagrams, and illustrations, and the book is laid out in a very reader-friendly format.  The target audience for this book was young people between 10 and 16 year of age, but it’s appropriate for adults as well because it really doesn’t dumb anything down in its presentation.  I highly recommend this book, and am I proud to have proof read it for content and to have written its introduction (though I found two small errors when I read it for the audio book…  Can you find them?  Email me at NorthAmericanBigfoot@gmail.com to tell me about the errors!).

Raincoast Sasquatch: The Bigfoot / Sasquatch Records of Southeast Alaska, Coastal British Columbia & Northwest Washington from Puget Sound to Yakutat
By Dr. Robert Alley

Dr. Robert Alley is a retired professor of anatomy and physiology who has been in the sasquatch game since 1974.  This book documents much of his collected research from over the years and presents it in a very readable fashion.  His area of study is the rich habitat along the coast of southern Alaska where it borders British Columbia.  The book is divided into a section on sightings, a section on possible evidence, and finally some personal observations and speculations by the author.  Of note from this book are the sightings by fishermen of sasquatches both on the beaches and swimming in between islands.

America’s Bigfoot : Fact, Not Fiction
By Dimitri Bayanov

Many bigfooters might be unaware that after the Patterson/Gimlin Film was obtained, it was taken on an international tour by Rene Dahinden to the UK and Russia.  This book gives a detailed account of one Russian scientist’s recollections of that fascinating time when an international audience got its first glimpse of the PG Film.  The author and Russian hominologist, Dimitri Bayonov, was there from the beginning and is still involved in both the bigfoot community and the championing of this film as showing a real, living hominoid.

The Historical Bigfoot
By Chad Arment

This book is the first of its kind to be officially published (though hard-core bigfoot nerds might have a paper or digital copy of the late Scott McClean’s excellent and unauthorized Big News Prints), and a welcome addition to a bigfooter’s library.  The thrust of this book is a collection of historical newspaper accounts transcribed into an easily read collection organized by state.  Many of the newspapers cited are now out of print, though some are not.  The real value of books like this is that one can easily see that the description of the appearance and behavior of sasquatches remains consistent through time, just as would be expected of a biological creature.

The Discovery of the Sasquatch
By Dr. John Bindernagel

While an excellent book with a lot of sasquatch information, I would describe this to be a book more about the philosophy of science in the context of the sasquatch.  Dr. Bindernagel explores and explains the attitudes of scientists towards the bigfoot subject, and looks at the history behind them.  Dr. Bindernagel makes the argument that the sasquatch is currently undergoing the process of discovery and is just waiting for academics to become interested.  This book is not a light read as it demands focus for the deep topics to be well understood.

Bigfoot Casebook updated: Sightings And Encounters from 1818 to 2004
By Janet and Colin Bord

This book is for those of us who love to read bigfoot reports. It is one of the earliest attempts at publishing a compilation of sighting reports just as more or less raw stories with no filters.  There are even reports of bigfoot encounters involving UFOs in the book.  This updated version now continues where the first edition left off.  Sightings up to 2004, when this book was published, are now included.

Manlike Monsters on Trial: Early Records and Modern Evidence

This is the book that first enticed me into the bigfooting field.  It is a collection of papers that were presented at the first bigfoot conference that I am aware of in May, 1978 at the University of British Columbia.  The papers submitted are largely cultural-anthropological in nature, but physical anthropologists have several papers submitted as well.  There are also papers on the findings of non-academics, such as John Green.  This is an excellent snapshot of the science that had been done on sasquatches at that moment in time, forty years ago.

The Sasquatch and other unknown hominoids (The Research on unknown hominoids)
Edited by Vladimir Markotic and Grover Krantz

This book is a collection of articles written by scientists and experts in their field on the subject of sasquatches.  Its level-headed approach reflects the scientific attitude from which the subject is approached.  The more than twenty papers and articles are divided into seven subject categories such as Reports, the Patterson/Gimlin Film, The Problems of Origin and more.

Giants, Cannibals & Monsters: Bigfoot in Native Culture
By Kathy Moskowitz Strain

This book is a compilation of traditional stories from over sixty tribes told alongside beautiful photographs depicting native people and cultural artifacts.  The tribes are grouped geographically.  The profound takeaway from this excellent book is that sasquatches were a normal part of pre-white-contact Native life.  The stories contain motifs and descriptions of interest, and photographs of locations mentioned in the traditional stories are included when possible.

Bigfoot; The Yeti and Sasquatch in Myth and Reality
By John Napier

John Napier is a well-known and respected primatologist who became the director of the primate biology program at the Smithsonian Institute.  First published in 1973, this is the first book on bigfoot to be written by a qualified scientist.  Napier spent time interviewing witnesses and examining evidence before coming to the conclusion that the subject should not simply be written off, but should be investigated by credentialed scientists.

Do Abominable Snowmen of America Really Exist?
By Roger Patterson

Roger Patterson was deeply interested in the bigfoot mystery long before he obtained his famous footage with Bob Gimlin at Bluff Creek in 1967.  He ran a bigfoot newsletter, interviewed witnesses, went on expeditions, and even published a book, the one above.  The book details Roger’s investigations up to that point (1966), and includes details on little-known casts as well as details from eye witness interviews he conducted.

Where Bigfoot Walks: Crossing the Dark Divide
By Dr. Robert Pyle

Dr. Pyle is an articulate naturalist who specializes in butterflies.  His interest in the sasquatch mystery is deep, though, and his command of the English language makes this narrative of his own investigations both charming and compelling.  While not coming down on either side of the “Does it exist?” question, Dr. Pyle presents a case suggesting that the mystery itself is something of value that should be explored by the curious.  Of special note is that the above links leads to the newest reprint of the book (2017), and features remarks by yours truly in the edition!

Abominable Snowmen: Legend Comes to Life
By Ivan Sanderson

Ivan Sanderson is the guy who actually coined the word “cryptozoology,” so any writings of his are examples of some of the earliest investigations into the bigfoot subject and other unknown creatures.  He was a trained biologist and ethnologist, so his studies are scientific in nature.  He was an enthusiastic follower of Charles Fort as well, so he went off into many strange directions, but always with a scientific eye for the mysteries.  It was an article by Ivan Sanderson that sent Roger Patterson on the path that would eventually lead him to filming the PG Film in 1967.

Enoch: A Bigfoot Story
By Autumn Williams

Autumn Williams has worked with more long-term witnesses (sometimes known as “habituators”) and for longer than anyone I am aware of in the bigfoot field.  In fact, I would say these witnesses are her specialty.  To work with long-term witnesses, one needs deep reservoirs of compassion and patience, both of which are exhibited in this book as it details Autumn’s dealings with one witness in great detail.  I find this book of great value for its guidance in how to work with witnesses, and also how to approach the subject with compassion.

The Locals: A Contemporary Investigation of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch Phenomenon
By Thom Powell

The first bigfoot book written by Thom (another is listed in the “paranormal” section) is an excellent account of his bigfoot research up to this point.  Many very interesting cases are discussed in detail, including the first remote camera monitoring of a long-term witness property.  This project resulted in a low-quality photograph of what seems to be a sasquatch.

Monster Trek: The Obsessive Search for Bigfoot
By Joe Gisondi

This book by journalism professor Joe Gisondi is not so much a look at sasquatches themselves, but rather a long stare at bigfooters and our obsession.  Painstakingly researched (Joe interviewed me no less than three times) both in the field and at his desk, it offers insights into our community that can only be gleaned by someone with one foot outside of it.

The Best of Sasquatch Bigfoot
By John Green

John Green, one of the early bigfoot researchers and compilers of reports, started publishing books on the sasquatch back in 1968.  These books have been revised and republished many times over the years, but this is the most recent and updated version of two of his early books combined into one.  Additionally, new developments are discussed with excellent photographs to boot.

Sasquatch and Bigfoot : The Search for North America’s Incredible Creature
By Don Hunter and Rene Dahinden

This book is a collaboration between the authors and is largely a recollection of Rene Dahinden’s research.  Many of the early and most important investigations are detailed in the book, and with Hunter’s unique access to Dahinden, the story is truly from the latter’s perspective.  Since Dahinden is credited as one of the “four horsemen” of sasquatching, this book is important.

Scientist Looks at the Sasquatch II (Anthropological Monographs)
Edited by Roderick Sprague and Grover Krantz

Yes, I know the photo is sideways, but that’s the photo Amazon has…  This book is a long-out-of-print collection of scholarly papers on the sasquatch.  It is a cool snapshot into the anthropological research that had been done as of its printing in 1977.

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