Jul 282016


I am very often asked by bigfooters to recommend books for them to read.  To satisfy this request, I have put together a list of books that I personally consider “required reading” for any bigfooter.  This list can be found by clicking this link.

However, the recommendations I am asked for are not confined to just books.  I am routinely asked to recommend what kind of technology is useful, what bigfoot movies to watch, and even what kind of software I use for analysis.  To satisfy those demands, I am currently working on a new section of my website in which I will list books, technology, and other items that I recommend for bigfooters.  With each product description will be a link to buy that product.  I hope to have this section of the website active by mid-August (schedule permitting), but until the entire section is complete, this will be the only portal to that page.


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