Feb 212018

Enormous NORM Goes to School: the Bigfoot Hygiene Book 
By Matt Hooks

For show and tell one day, Dean shared a drawing he had made of his bigfoot friend, Norm.  The other kids in class ridiculed Dean for thinking bigfoots are real (sound familiar?), so Dean decided to bring Norm to school to prove his friends wrong.  However, before Norm can come to school, he has to clean up a bit to be presentable to humans.  

This book is designed to share basic hygiene with young children.  As a read aloud, or for reading primary students, the book presents the basics of cleanliness, such as brushing one’s teeth or showering, in an entertaining and simple way.  

The art is striking.  It uses bold lines, bright colors, and angular edges wildly making each page busy in its details.   

I would judge this book to be at a low reading level, perhaps between 1st and 3rd grades, depending on the individual.  It is suitable for reading aloud to many age/grade level.  Enormous Norm has now been added to my recommended bigfoot books for kids and teens list!


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