Are you in the BFRO?



I was once a member of the group, as many of the foremost bigfooters in the field have been.  However, I have found that bigfoot politics can be a bit messy, and it causes some opportunities to be missed.

People outside the BFRO don’t really seem to understand what the group is (or is not), and they sometimes will not work with you if they think you are part of it.  People inside the BFRO sometimes won’t work with people outside of it.  I think both positions are silly, so I avoid the whole thing by not being a part of any groups at all.

By not being an advocate for any group, I find myself in the lucky position of being able to work with anyone who wants to work with me.  Yes, I do work with the BFRO.  I also work with just about anyone else who is respectful, open, and interested in learning about bigfoots.  If someone won’t work with me because of some preconceived notion about who I am, then that’s not really the kind of person I’d want to work with anyways.  Everybody wins…

Just because the TV show bills me as the “BFRO Evidence Analyst,” that doesn’t mean it’s true.  Yes, I do analyses for Matt and the BFRO, but I will happily look at any evidence sent to me with the same analytic eye that I would look at anybody’s stuff with.

Groups serve a purpose, but not for me anymore.  Carve your own path.  Do what you think is right.  I’m on my own, and I’m better off for it.

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