Sep 222014

Finding Bigfoot’s second expedition to Louisiana was centered around the Duhon Photograph.  The picture shows a clearly bipedal figure standing next to a hunting blind.  The figure is either a sasquatch or a human being dressed head to foot in dark clothing, despite the 90+ degree temperatures.

Click here to read my analysis of the Duhon Photograph.

  4 Responses to “Finding Bigfoot Season Five Field Notes – The Duhon Photograph”

  1. I wonder maybe its time for all Bigfoot groups to ban together and pull their resources to capturing a Bigfoot then chasing down sightings, tracks and hair samples. Let face it the only way to prove Sasquatch exists is with a live specimen.

  2. The window is 15" high according to your calculations. Using that measurement across the figure ' s shoulders would make this a fairly puny sasquatch…or just a dude.

    I've been face to face with a sasquatch, so I know they are out there, but this image…not feelin' it brother.

  3. Why has no dead Bigfoot ever been found and preserved?

  4. Former Government ( Windwalkers) Divison , Retired, We took care of what uncle Sam never made public, or will admit too! Others called us the circus freaks divison, make no mistake there in the woods!

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