Jul 112014
The Columbia River forms the boundary between
Oregon and Washington.

My field notes from the Finding Bigfoot episode where we pit Oregon against Washington for the title of the “Squatchiest State” have now been published.  Read the article to learn about what went on behind the scenes, and also to see never-before-seen photographs from the shoot.

Click this link to learn more.

  2 Responses to “Finding Bigfoot Season Five – Oregon vs. Washington Field Notes”

  1. Hey Cliff, thanks for sharing your perspective! This is absolutely brilliant. Do you have plans to lead any expeditions, teach any courses, or speak at upcoming conferences for people who would like to learn more from you? Thanks!

  2. Supah cool! I just watched the newest episode where you guys return to Bobo's Backyard, Humboldt Country (did I spell that right?). The episode was AWESOME (and seeing those cute pics of Bobo when he was young… wait, that was actually Bobo??!! What the sasquatch?!) I am so sad that the next episode is the season finale. But at least it's the SEASON finale not the SERIES finale so that technially tells us that there is going to be another season of Finding Bigfoot (right?). I love your blog, Cliff! Keep up the good work!

    God Bless

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