Jun 232014
Craig Sulk’s photo that may show a sasquatch

My field notes for the Finding Bigfoot expedition to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula have now been published.  The field notes include other photos from the site, as well as an in-depth discussion on a possible cause of bigfoot eyeshine.

  2 Responses to “Finding Bigfoot Season Four Field Notes – Upper Peninsula of Michigan”

  1. I just watched the episode(Further Evidence) on Animal Planet. I couldn't help but notice when you did the re-creation of Craig's photo, that Bobo was actually standing closer to the camera than the subject in the original photo. If you look at the two pictures side by side, the subject in the original is behind the small tree at Bobo's back. I believe if Bobo were standing at the original spot, he would have been smaller. I think Craig captured a Bigfoot.

  2. Thanks for the episode notes. I missed this episode, but so wanted to see it. I am a transplanted Yooper that llived for a long time in that area. In fact, lived in Menominee, as my father was born there! Would have loved to have been there to meet you guys. Keep up the great work, Cliff!

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