Jul 092014
Finding Bigfoot returned to West Virginia for a second time in late 2013.  The expedition was a success, and the team walked away with several interviews with credible witnesses and a recording of what seems to be a sasquatch near the New River Gorge.  My field notes include details not found in the episode, photographs of the locations of sightings, and the audio file from my own recorder on the night we got vocalizations.

Click here to read my field notes.

  6 Responses to “Finding Bigfoot Season Four – West Virginia Field Notes – Coal Miner’s Bigfoot”

  1. Have you ever found of group of tracks that would say indicate a family?

  2. Not personally, but there are several examples from the data that indicate this.

  3. I've hiked all through the gorge and never saw anything. I have several acres near there and have been hiking in the woods at night and still nothing out of the ordinary. I'm going to go with black bear being the "bigfoot".

  4. Why not come clean that your witness "Dr" is actually a chiropractor and not a scientist as you all allude to in the show? Afrain to let folks know that the BFRO is nothing but a sham?

  5. Dear Anonymous (if that is your real name…),

    We refer to him as "Dr." because Russ Jones is in fact a doctor. It is appropriate to refer to people with the titles they earn, whether it is Dr., General, or otherwise. I do not refer to him as a scientist (though he certainly has acquired a thorough knowledge of the human anatomy through his training), so your blame is ill-aimed.

    As far as your opinion of the BFRO goes, again, your blame is ill-aimed. I am not a member of the BFRO, and have not been for many years. It seems that your issues should be taken up with someone else.

    Thanks for watching, though.


  6. I am the first "anonymous" not the second. I have been way way out in the sticks in WV but haven't seen a thing. I haven't even heard a weird sound. No one I've run into has ever mentioned a bigfoot. I am not saying bigfoot doesn't exist, I am skeptical that there is one in WV. I enjoy the show though.

    The first anonymous not the second one 🙂

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