Finding Bigfoot Season Three – Bigfoot and the Redhead


This expedition to Pennsylvania was to be my second bigfooting trip to the Keystone State. My first trip was back in 2010, and it was quite successful. I heard knocks and whistles during the day from three different directions, and from not very far away.  I thought I was going to get footage for sure, but I was wrong once again… That trip was outside of Butler, PA, but this trip was to have two separate locations. The first was in eastern PA, while the second would be further west in the Allegheny National Forest.

We started our expedition outside of Scranton, PA. We came to investigate some interesting footage obtained by two young men, Paul and Robert, while goofing around with their go kart. They had just made a new go cart track and were filming themselves doing laps from the perspective of the go kart with their cell phone cameras. On one of these laps the camera picked up a dark bipedal figure walking from the left to right at perhaps 50 yards distance. Paul was driving.

While speaking to the witnesses, I didn’t get the sense that they were lying about what happened, though I guess it’s possible they were. I have the tendency to believe people about what they relate to me, probably because I am not a liar myself. I think that if I believe a liar, it says more about the person lying than it does about me…

There are some things I like about the video. The shape of the creature is what I would expect from a bigfoot. The walk of the figure is also very good with the long arm swings and the angle of the knee bend approaching 90 degrees with each step.

However, some things don’t sit well with me in regards to this video. First of all, I think it’s a little strange that Paul wasn’t present when the footage was obtained. He had gone back to the house for a drink at this time. While this is not necessarily incriminating, it is at least slightly suspicious. Also, the creature was moving towards the track and was pretty close. [INSERT PIC] There was no cover this direction, and it seems counter intuitive to put oneself in closer proximity with little or no cover if this creature was choosing to remain out of sight. Combine this with Robert’s account of never noticing the figure, though he kept on doing laps in the go kart for some time even after Paul’s return. I find it difficult to believe that neither witness saw the creature, even though it closed distance between it and the witness, and there was little cover to keep it hidden.

Our first night investigation turned out pretty well. Bobo and I had been walking along the treeline that borders Allegheny Lake. We worked our way up one of the arms of the reservoir when we heard a very loud knock from behind us. The noise could in no way be accounted for by something falling, it had to have been done on purpose. I surveyed the darkness with my FLIR, and to my recollection, I saw nothing (however the episode has me seeing something warm on the therm… I do not remember this, though it’s possible I did. I do not think I saw a bigfoot, but I do think I heard one.) Bobo and I then heard something moving up one of the ravines above us to the left.

Bobo and I decided that since out cover was blown, we would do something unorthodox for bigfoot research: we turned on our white lights. It was only our headlamps, but that was enough to light up the forests around us. Our hope was to see the eyeshine of anything looking back at us from a distance.

I moved up a draw scanning the woods around me, and Bobo went off to my right at some distance. I continued to scan with both my headlamp and my FLIR.

At one point, Bobo heard what he thought was me moving ahead of him uphill. He soon thereafter saw my headlamp at a distance and realized that he had heard something else, possibly the sasquatch that knocked at us from close range. We continued moving uphill until we ran into a trail that led us back to our base camp. We never saw what made that noise.

Later, Bobo discovered that there were some bigfooters in the area, though he never made contact with them. I think it is doubtful that what we heard were bigfooters. The knock was just too close to us, and people are not that stealthy in the woods at night with no lights. It think it’s far more likely that a bigfoot evaded us than an individual bigfooter found us, knocked from less than 75 yards, got above us in just a few minutes, and evaded us all without using any light source and only being heard twice (when it knocked and when Bobo heard what he thought was me running uphill nearby).

I was chosen to investigate Dave Wargo’s road crossing sighting. Dave, who works at the nearby Allegheny Outfitters outdoor shop, was on his way to pick up some customers for a canoe trip down the Allegheny River. On his way early in the morning (approximately 6:30 am), he saw a sasquatch bolt across the road in front of his van and trailer full of canoes. The creature didn’t break stride as he cleared the guard rail, even though it was approaching the rail from downhill. It then ran across the road, clearing it in just three and one-half steps. Dave was still approaching in his van, so he got a very good look at it from perhaps 40 feet away as it quickly ran up the hillside and disappeared into the forest.

When I attempted to duplicate the road crossing, it took me over five steps to clear the same distance. Additionally, I was quite clumsy in getting over the railing, and Dave noted that I was nowhere near as fast nor graceful. At a standard 32 feet wide road (12 feet per lane plus four feet on either side for the shoulder), the sasquatch would have had nearly ten foot steps. This number seems consistent with footprints found when the creature had been running.

Dave noted that he saw muscles moving in the creature’s back as it swung its arms going up the hill. He also saw the butt muscles of the creature, and the natal cleft between. The fact that Dave saw such details as the buttocks muscles is important. First of all, having clearly seen these muscles flexing and moving immediately rules out the possibility that Dave was hoaxed by a man in a suit as no suit is that form fitting to show such anatomy. Also, only humans and sasquatches would have such developed butt muscles. The buttocks are the biggest muscle mass in the body, and they are primarily used for bipedal walking, and holding the torso upright. Since sasquatches walk upright and are quite massive, they would be expected to have overly developed butt muscles, and this is exactly what Dave observed from close range.

Our final night investigation was to be held at Kinzua Bridge State Park. This location was perfect for a couple of reasons. First, to our knowledge, nobody had ever gone bigfooting there before so any sasquatches that might be there would be “virgins.” It doesn’t take long for bigfoots to catch on to our tricks, so if we can find a group of them that aren’t aware that people make noises to attract them, they are more likely to show up. Also, the State Park is off limits after nightfall, so we’d be sure to have the whole place to ourselves. It can get annoying when there are campers nearby… And finally, our search technique was to use whale vocalizations blasted out of a loudspeaker, and Kinzua Bridge would be the best possible place to broadcast from.

Kinzua Bridge was a railroad bridge built in 1882. It was destroyed in a devastating tornado in 2003 long after the land had been designated a state park. At its highest, the bridge towers over 300 feet above the valley floor below. Twisted steel girders litter the chasm below, along with huge cement foundation structures partially hidden by foliage. The sounds we were to use would have a clear shot up and down the valley for literally miles.

Whale vocalizations have been used before to successfully attract bigfoots by several groups of bigfooters in various locations throughout the country. I think that almost any unusual noise would work, but whale vocalizations have the added benefit of being both very high and low in frequency. Those low frequency sounds really travel far. Whales use frequencies so low that humans cannot hear them (infrasound), which is of added interest. Bigfoots might also use infrasound, so if our sound gear has the ability to broadcast in those frequencies (I dont know and couldn’t tell if it could… I can’t hear those frequencies), then maybe that would add to our chances.

Bobo and Ranae stayed up on the bridge to do the broadcasting, and Matt and I headed to the valley below. Bobo and Rane let loose with some whale sounds periodically throughout the night, and if I didn’t know what was going on I would have assumed some Godzilla-like monster was on its way. The sounds were most impressive.

Matt and I did our rounds and eventually ended up by a large twisted mass of steel. Matt tried to attract attention by banging rocks against the structure which produced some very loud and unpleasant noises. We left the area with no results, but we stopped in our tracks about half way back to the other side of the valley from where we came. We heard the loud banging of stone on metal, just as Matt had done only ten minutes before, and it was coming from the same location we had just left. Something was doing what Matt had just done!

Bobo and Rane could not see anything moving through the FLIR, and some of the footage shown in the episode was obtained when Matt and I were still at the metal structure (you can see us and the crew down by the cement foundation). As can be seen in the footage, there are plenty of white specks that could be rocks, metal poking out of the ground, or even mammals all throughout the valley area. None of them moved while Bobo and Ranae were watching, so it’s unknown whether any of these were our quarry or not.

Soon after hearing that noise, Matt said he was hearing walking through the brush by a nearby river. I didn’t hear the sounds, but that’s why we work in pairs. It’s good to have more than one set of ears listening. Matt said that the sounds were moving up the valley away from us. Whatever the case, we never caught anything on thermal imager, and we didn’t hear any other indication that a bigfoot might be nearby.

I’d call the Pennsylvania expedition a success. We learned about some new locations that seem to hold bigfoots, recorded some compelling sounds on our night investigation, and recreated Ethan’s sighting (the red-headed kid the episode was named after). With those three aspects, who can call this trip a let down?

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