Finding Bigfoot Season Five – ‘Bama Bigfoot


Outside of Birmingham, Alabama is a large chunk of private land that is referred to as “Creepy Mountain” by the bigfooters that frequent it.  Strange sounds, footprints, and even sightings of sasquatches happen both on the property itself, as well as by the people who live near the base of the mountain.  Creepy Mountain’s actual name and location will be kept confidential out of respect for the bigfooters that research there, the residents that live nearby, and the creatures themselves.

A group of researchers came to Creepy Mountain on March 16, 2012 for a weekend of bigfooting.  The location was in a good sized clearing that had previous activity associated with it where the men usually camped.  While setting up, Paul Hulsey took out his FLIR and looked around the area.  He saw what he initially thought was a person standing in the woods away from camp.  Not wanting to alert the other bigfooters with him about what he saw (he wasn’t 100% sure what he saw himself), he put down the thermal imager on an ammo box on the hood of his truck facing the direction of the figure.  He told everyone else what he saw the next day and reviewed the footage.

What Paul filmed is clearly either a human or a sasquatch.  There were concerns that Paul filmed a man in a suit because the figure was not as bright as we expected a mammal to be on the thermal imager (remember, thermal imagers do not see light, they see heat.  A cooler figure could be the result of a man wearing a suit that keeps in his body heat).  However, we later discovered that it had rained earlier that day which would account for both the slightly cooler color of the figure as well as the slightly washed-out appearance of the forest.

On site, we had Bobo stand in the same position as the figure.  It was clear to our eyes that whatever was standing there was much larger than Bobo.  Now that I have had an opportunity to do a bit more analysis with the images themselves, I still think the figure was taller than Bobo, but maybe not as tall as we estimated at the time of filming.

For my analysis, I took a still from our comparison with Bobo standing by the tree.  Over that still, I placed a shot from Hulsey’s original footage of the figure by the tree.  I rotated Hulsey’s photograph so the trees were going the same direction, resized it so the trees were exactly the same size, and then found two dark patches that corresponded to smaller branches from another tree that obstructed the view behind it.  I then inverted the already black and white Hulsey footage, and increased its transparency so the differences would stand out.

What is left is a photo of Bobo with the still of the original figure placed directly over it.  Bobo stands about 6 foot 4 inches tall with boots.  His hat probably adds another couple inches to that.  As can be seen in the comparison photograph, the figure is quite a bit taller than this.  I estimate that the figure stands between 7.5 and 8 feet tall.  It could be a bit taller when one considers the downward slope of the ground behind the tree.  We estimated 8.5 feet during our onsite analysis, but I suspect this might be a little too tall.  I could be wrong, though.

The thermal video was a great piece of evidence to investigate, but something just as cool (or even cooler) happened on Bobo’s solo investigation.  But first, allow me to explain one of the aggravating things about working on television.  The show that you see is the result of over 100 hours of filming that eventually gets edited down to 43 minutes or so.  Lots of things happen that don’t make the cut, and sometimes amazing things happen that are not filmed, or that happen to people who are not the main characters on the show, that also do not make the final edit.  This is one of those things.

Bobo was camping with our cameraman and outdoors technician, Tyler Bounds on Creepy Mountain for a few days.  One night, it seems that Tyler saw a sasquatch that Bobo missed by only a few moments.  To help me tell this fascinating account, I asked Tyler to write up what he remembers from that night back in early March of 2013.  Below is what he wrote:

It was the last night of Bobo’s solo camping with a full moon and clear weather. We were driving out to begin our night when it began to rain, HARD. So hard that we had to stop the truck because we couldn’t see the road in front of us. I jumped out and relocated all of the important gear from the bed of the truck to the backseat. After a while, the rain dissipated, the bright moon returned, and we were on our way again. We got to the chosen location, put on our rain gear in case of another deluge, and headed out. Bobo was dressed in black rain gear, top and bottoms.

We set out, but after 10 or 15 minutes, the camera began to malfunction. I ran back to the truck alone to grab the spare camera, and to also use the internet on my phone to find a fix for the specific error that the camera was suffering from. After getting nothing fixed, I gathered up the video gear I needed and started back up the hill at a brisk pace to meet up with Bobo.

I was not far from where we had split up when I looked ahead of me and saw Bobo standing in a wide spot in the road where there were pull-outs on each side, basically making the road a large circular area at that spot. He was standing close to the edge of the wide spot on the right side of the road, facing the edge of the forest, and I was slightly downhill from him maybe 75 feet away. It was bright enough that I could make out his form, see that he had the hood of his black rain jacket on, and I could tell that he was facing to the right and slightly away from me to my 2 o’clock.

I turned on the camera and began to film my approach to where he was standing even though I knew that the nightshot on the camera wouldn’t detect him at that distance, but I thought it would be a cool effect to have him materialize out of the darkness as I got closer to him. As I was walking up, I was filming but watching Bobo with my naked eyes, and he abruptly walked off the road and towards, or into, the treeline. He had the therm, so I thought he might be seeing or hearing something, so I sped up to get to him quickly. I didn’t want to miss anything cool, funny, important or amazing.

While I jogged up the hill, I didn’t have the camera pointed towards him, but I was still recording. When I got close enough for the camera to see him in the dark I brought it up to begin filming him, but I couldn’t see him anywhere. The time from when he stepped away to when I got to that spot was probably 10 seconds, give or take a few. I stopped moving to listen for the distinctive sounds of Bobo stealthily crashing through the brush and brambles, but there was no noise at all. Nothing.

I waited and listened, and began to whisper, “Bobo? Bobes. Where are you?” I didn’t want to be loud, in case he had a critter on the therm, but I couldn’t detect where he was. I then used a bit louder voice, “Bobo? Bobo,” but still nothing. I finally said, quite loudly, “Bobo, what’s up? Where are you?”, and he responded from much further up the road, “I’m up here,” or something to that effect ( I can’t remember the exact words he used).  At that point I tripped out, because I SAW Bobo clearly where I was then standing just moments before, no question. He was dressed all in black with his hood up facing the woods.

I yelled to Bobo, “Get down here with that therm! There’s something here!” Bobo isn’t exactly quick, nor is he particularly responsive to being ordered around, but he eventually arrived. I noticed immediately that he had taken off his black rain jacket and had it tied around his waist. I told him to therm the woods as I filled him in on what I had seen. He noted that he had stopped at that exact spot while I was off to get the other camera and had peed on a little bush by the side of the road. I looked over and that bush was exactly where I had seen the dark figure standing before it moved away from me.

He thermed the woods for a bit, and we went in together with him leading the way while I filmed. It soon became apparent that the trees were third or fourth growth pines growing very close together, and there were a lot of brambles and vines growing among them. It was very difficult to make any progress deeper into the trees (not really forest, but more like a tree farm not meant to be natural growing this way only to be easily harvested), and they were so thick the thermal wasn’t doing any good. We went back and looked for any hairs that might have been caught on trees or the prickly vines, but found nothing. We then went and looked for footprints, but the road was hard packed gravel, and there were no discernible footprints, neither in the roadway nor in the pull-outs. We scratched out heads, discussed what it might have been, and basically said “Okay, there’s squatches here, let’s keep going and maybe something will happen.” We never saw anything else that night.

So, I clearly saw a dark Bobo-sized, Bobo-shaped figure that looked like it was wearing a hooded jacket. It was possibly investigating a small bush that Bobo had urinated on before I came around the corner and started purposely walking quickly towards it with a lit-up device.  It walked away from me and disappeared quietly into the trees and prickers and stickers that we could barely penetrate. I don’t know what it was, but it could have been a sasquatch. We’ll never know.
Bobo told me that when he was peeing on the side of the road while Tyler was at the truck fixing the camera, he heard sounds in the bushes but thought they were rodents moving through the brush.  Now he realizes that those noises might have been a sasquatch.
Like so many sasquatch encounters before, there is nothing to substantiate this story but the story of the account of the two men that were there.  Even Tyler cannot be 100% sure he saw a sasquatch, though everyone involved is inclined to think he did.