Finding Bigfoot Season Five – Biggest Search Yet


The Four Corners expedition was one I was looking forward to for several reasons.  First of all, I would be making contact with researchers from several Native American reservations in the area.  Indian reservations often have lots of bigfoot activity, and it is always good to have contacts who live on the rez’ sharing information with me.  Secondly, the fact that there were so many bigfoot encounters reported from this seemingly unlikely habitat meant that I would be learning a lot about sasquatches and where they choose to live when not in wetter climates.  And, finally, I would be working mostly alone, which is usually how I prefer to roll.

Our first stop of the trip would be with Brenda Harris and her friend, Jesus Payas.  They found and cast footprints on the San Juan River outside of Farmington, NM while bigfooting with some friends in the area.  This particular stretch of river was having a run of bigfoot activity at the time.  Many of the residents near the river reported seeing sasquatches and hearing their sounds as they moved up and down the creeks.  One sasquatch had recently been observed walking on a street between the village and the river.  The community even started clearing brush to eliminate hiding places near their houses to discourage the bigfoots from approaching.  The local electrician was doing very well because the village inhabitants were hiring him to install powerful floodlights to help keep the bigfoots away.

With all that activity nearby, finding barefoot prints in the mud would be an exciting discovery.  The footprints were small, perhaps eight inches, and many had a clear longitudinal arch.  The arch, along with a couple other features indicated the prints were likely human in origin.  While the footprints they found seem to be from humans, I must commend them on casting them.  “When in doubt, cast it!” is an excellent bigfoot motto when in the field.

Brenda and Jesus came out with the team for a night investigation in what is locally known as Skinwalker Canyon.  Skinwalkers are shape shifting creatures or people with the power to change into animals at will.  They are sometimes associated with sasquatches in that many Native Americans believe bigfoots can change their shapes at will.  Strange vocalizations had been reported from there before, and Brenda herself had heard bigfoots following coyote packs in the upper reaches of this canyon.  Brenda shared with me that three or four miles up the canyon was a “bone yard,” an area full of animal bones.  Nobody knows how all the bones got to this one location.  The night we were out a strange vocalization was heard, but none of us seemed quite sure what made it.

I have been in contact with Brenda since the filming of this episode back in December, 2013.  She has since shared some of her finds with me, indicating there is ongoing activity in the region.  She continues to be the most active bigfoot investigator in this part of the country.

The highlight for me on this expedition was running across some previously undocumented footprint casts from Tsaile, AZ.  More details about these casts can be found on their own separate page in my cast database.

One of the things I learned on this expedition is the sound of a frozen lake at night.  I’m not a big fan of snow, so it remains kind of an annoying mystery to me.  A frozen lake was outside of my experience at that time, but its safe to say that the strange sounds Johnny, Carol, and I were hearing on our night investigation.  Apparently, as the ice expands and contracts with the varying temperatures, it produces some very unusual sounds, including a sounds like moans, pops, and cracks.  It was pretty cool, even though it wasn’t a bigfoot.

The team didn’t run across a bigfoot on this trip, but a victory was had by documenting the footprint casts.  I was very surprised at not only the history of sightings in this desert region, but also with the recent activity discovered by the expedition.  Bigfoot do live in some very surprising habitat.  Funny how an unexpected species does such unexpected things.

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