Finding Bigfoot Season Four – Big Sky Bigfoot


Montana is a challenging state in which to go bigfooting due to the vast areas of habitat in which bigfoots could live. Much of the state is very remote, and there are relatively few people living there, so sightings are few. However, sightings do occur and are reported, and occasionally evidence emerges that show that bigfoots make the Treasure State home.

The evidence that brought us to Montana came in the form of a couple footprint photographs by a couple who had recently moved to nearby Bozeman. There were prints from two individuals, one measuring about nine inches in length, with the other at about fifteen inches. The most interesting feature in the photographs is the obvious midtarsal ridge pushed up in the middle of the footprint. This ridge is behind where a series of bones work together to flex the mid part of the sasquatch foot. This feature is described by Dr. Jeff Meldrum in an article that can be accessed by clicking this link. Human feet do not show this feature, and when a similar push-off mound is found, it is in a different location in the footprint.

The first night investigation was highlighted by Ranae seeing something dart between two brushy areas from about 125 yards away. Upon closer inspection, we found no footprint tracks of anything larger than a fox moving through the area. It is unclear what Ranae may have seen, if anything.

Bobo’s friends, Josh and Andre, had an interesting encounter while driving a tour bus. They are both professional musicians, and while touring the west a few years ago, they saw what appeared to be two fly fishermen in a face off with a large sasquatch standing in the river. The van was moving at highway speed at the time of the sighting, so this strange scene was only observed for a few seconds, but the last thing they saw was the sasquatch taking a step towards the fishermen. Oddly enough, I went bigfooting with Bobo the next day or so after Josh and Andre reported their sighting to him. Bobo took the time to call around to ranger offices and fly fishing resorts to find out more about this sighting, but only found one tale that might be connected of a couple of anglers checking out of a resort in a hurry.

Matt and I investigated a sighting by another professional musician, a man named Reg Dalzell. He was driving back from a gig in Butte late one night when he saw a sasquatch run across the road in front of his car. Reg initially thought the figure was a very large sniper in a ghillie suit. The creature’s head was about even with Reg’s head, even though he was driving a full sized Ford Bronco, and the creature was leaning pretty far forward, almost stooping, while running. The creature hurdled the center barrier of the road with ease even though the barrier is 46 inches tall.

The dog sledding adventure was a very fun, yet smelly, experience. When you get this many dogs together, there certainly will be some stinky messes, and I was surprised that this had never occurred to me. However, dog sledding proved to be an excellent way to quietly move in areas where cars could not get. Also of interest is that my sled guide, Norm, had once found bigfoot footprints inside Yellowstone National Park.

Our last night investigation with the deer decoy covered in meat was a ridiculous idea, but I actually think it might work under different weather conditions. The deer decoy was a mostly visual gimmick for the visual media of television, but the pile of deer meat we put on it just might have attracted a bigfoot (or grizzly bear) if it was deployed in warmer conditions. The temperature was colder than an ice box, so the smell of the meat had no opportunity to disperse downwind. Also, it should have been left out for at least a few days, but due to our production schedule, we were unable to do this.

Montana has produced bigfoot evidence and sightings before our visit, and continues to do so. Our expedition was made much easier by my friend and fellow musician, Kelly Berdahl. Kelly runs the website, Montana Bigfoot, and is my main bigfoot contact for Montana. If you have encountered what you think is a bigfoot in Montana or the surrounding states, I strongly encourage you to either tell me about it, or reach out to Kelly through his website.

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