Matt Moneymaker Biography


Matt Moneymaker was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. As a young boy of 11, he grew interested in the documentaries depicting bigfoots and other strange phenomena that were commonly shown on television in the 1970’s. That interest never was extinguished and continues to this day.

While attending UCLA in the 1980’s, he began reaching out to other bigfoot researchers. Around this time, he started his first forays into the field, and in 1987 he discovered a line of bigfoot tracks in the mountains of Ventura County, CA. The tracks moved Matt and solidified his resolve to be involved in this subject.

In the early 1990’s he moved to Akron, Ohio to attend law school. The location of his school was partially based on the numerous bigfoot reports he had been gathering over the years from this area. He encountered a sasquatch in a wildlife refuge southeast of Kent, OH in 1994 while on an investigation.

In 1995, Matt started the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization by connecting with researchers via the World Wide Web. The next year, the BFRO was launched as a website. It was this website that would serve as a significant marker in bigfoot history because it was the first place anyone could report a bigfoot encounter from anywhere in the world. The reports started rolling in, and the number of raw reports in the BFRO’s database now numbers in the tens of thousands.

Matt started running expeditions in 2000. On his first expedition, a significant piece of evidence, the Skookum Body Cast, was gathered. A film crew was on hand to document the find. Over the next few years, Matt would co-produce an important documentary, Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science, as well as the first reality/documentary series, Mysterious Encounters. Mysterious Encounters starred long-time bigfoot researcher Autumn Williams (, and was executive produced by Doug Hajicek who later produced MonsterQuest for the History Channel.

The BFRO continues to run public expeditions at various bigfoot hotspots throughout North America. Equipped with a small arsenal of night vision and thermal imaging cameras, bits of suggestive video evidence have trickled in from both these expeditions, as well as the BFRO members themselves.


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