Ranae Holland Biography


Ranae Holland is a fisheries biologist who lives in Seattle, WA. She was born and raised in the Midwest, and has had an interest in bigfoot that was given to her by her father, a professional daredevil. Though not convinced that sasquatches are real animals, she continues to keep an open mind on the subject and happily examines any data that crosses her desk.

Ranae has spent a tremendous amount of time in the field. She specialized in the interactions between brown bears and salmon, which gives her unique insight into the potential interdependence between saquatches and fish.

Her fisheries research has taken her to such bigfoot hotspots as Prince of Wales Island, British Columbia, the Olympic Peninsula, and the Coast Mountains of Oregon. In several of these locations, she has made contacts with biologists, locals, and Native American Tribal representatives who share their bigfoot stories and encounters with her. She eagerly listens to what everyone has to say in order to clarify her own beliefs about the existence of sasquatches.

Ranae still works as a dedicated field biologist. She regularly works for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (www.noaa.gov), as well as private entities. Her most recent field research efforts have centered around the steelhead in Umpqua River in south central Oregon.


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