Aug 032016

My favorite bigfoot eyewitness sketch artist, Sybilla Irwin, has supplied me with a free download of a black line master of one of her works specifically designed for coloring!

Catching A Snack Coloring Page

Personally, I love to color, and always have.  It was coloring that taught me NOT to stay within the lines (and driving that taught me that sometimes staying in the lines is a good idea).    I suspect that either you love to color, used to love to color, or have a little humanling in your home that loves to color.  Whatever your situation, feel free to download the graphic above and get to it (right-click and “save as”).  You can access her coloring project page by clicking this link.

Sybilla would love to have you color the page and send her a photo or scan so she can post your work on her website!  You can contact her by clicking this link.

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