Jul 132014

Joseph Blair of the Portland Magazine, NAILED, went bigfooting with me this past spring and produced this article.  I had the opportunity to show him some of the footprint casts I’ve gathered over the last couple decades, and I brought him out to the woods to a location with recent activity to see if anybody was home, so to speak.

Click this link to read the article.

  4 Responses to “NAILED Magazine Prints a Good Article on my Research”

  1. Here's my question: How is it that you or any of the other cast members KNOW that a "Bigfoot" likes anything? Or KNOW that a Bigfoot would pee on the tent of a camper? Or KNOW that a Bigfoot likes music? Of KNOW that a Bigfoot even exists? You speak of all of this knowledge that you have related to what a Bigfoot likes, dislikes, would do or would not do? How Do You KNOW? Here's one that I'm sure you get all of the time: If Bigfoots (or would they be called Bigfeets) inhabit areas of human population, why is it that not one single bone or hair sample has ever been collected to prove their existence? It's not like they live a mile under the oceans' surfaces where humans are all but non-existent where it would be likely that unknown creatures exist, right? You have been doing this "Bigfoot" thing for what, 25 years now, and you have yet to find on single shred of conclusive evidence of their existence. How do you reconcile that in your own mind? And you and other cast members have spoken out about the producers of the show cutting and splicing video and audio tape to make the show more exciting but at the same time making it fake. Therefore, what makes the show anything but just another "reality" television show that is anything but "real"?

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  3. This is my first time looking at your blog I must I say good job, I love your show

  4. I spoke with Dr. Meldrum at a Sasquatch conference in Orlando, FL, last Saturday the 20th of September.. He spoke quite highly of you, and he even mentioned that you now had access to a Sherpa tracker. He also mentioned that you have sent him some interesting tracks. Keep it up, and for your doubters … remember … " truth is like art … you believe what you want to believe, and I'll believe what I know!" Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

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