Jul 302016

A new species of beaked whale washed up on a beach on St. George Island, Alaska, in June. It was first spotted by biologist Christian Hagenlocher.  – PHOTOGRAPH BY CHRISTIAN HAGENLOCHER

“It’s just so exciting to think that in 2016 we’re still discovering things in our world—even mammals that are more than 20 feet long.”

An accidental discovery of a beached whale carcass on St. George Island in Alaska has led to the realization that it was in fact an entirely new species.  Though the species may be new to science, it turns out that Japanese fisherman refer to as karasu, or raven, due to its dark coloration.  What’s more, an entire skeleton of the species has been tracked down in an unlikely place: suspended from the ceiling in a high school gymnasium.

Here is a snippet from the article with a link to the entire thing at the end.

Mysterious New Whale Species Discovered in Alaska

Scientists say a dead whale on a desolate beach and a skeleton hanging in a high school gym are a new species. Yet experts have never seen one alive.

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