North American Bigfoot Expeditions – Locations


Unless otherwise noted, all expeditions will be run in Mt. Hood National Forest where I have been intensively doing sasquatch research for many years.  Within certain areas of the forest, each expedition will be fluid and highly mobile in order to explore areas with the most recent bigfoot activity.  

Mt. Hood National Forest is just southeast of Portland, OR, and a short drive from Portland International Airport for those coming from other states.  Rental cars are available at the airport, but it might also be possible to team up with other expedition participants through the private forum and carpool your way to the woods.  

Specific areas of focus within the National Forest will only be released to expedition attendees by means of the private forums to ensure the security of the participants, as well as the integrity of the data collected (in other words, to discourage hoaxers).  The target areas are also likely to change quickly as new information comes to light.  

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