North American Bigfoot Expeditions – What’s Included?


North American Bigfoot Expeditions are not the only public bigfoot expeditions available.  Both the BFRO and the Olympic Project offer expeditions on the West Coast for reasonable prices.  However, I have made efforts to set these expeditions apart from the others in several ways.  My prices are a little higher, but in my opinion, so is the value.  

  • Cliff Barackman will attend and personally lead each expedition.
  • North American Bigfoot Expeditions are “limited-load” trips.  A maximum of twelve paid attendees will be present on each trip.  This gives a smaller participant-to-host ratio resulting in more face time and a better learning experience.  
  • A minimum of six FLIR thermal imagers will be available for participants to use.  Assuming an expedition sells out (twelve participants), this is one imager for every two people.  
  • Each expedition attendee will receive a sasquatch footprint cast of their choice (from a small selection offered through the online forum for registered attendees), a non-fiction bigfoot book or pamphlet signed by the author (the book will vary by trip), and a Forest Service Bigfoot tee shirt.  
  • Each attendee will receive a free dinner meal daily, Thursday through Saturday, cooked by an on-site contractor.  The meal will be served “family-style” during our nightly preparatory meeting.  Breakfast and other food services are not included in the expedition fee, but will be available on an individual basis.  Details will be included on the private online forum for registered guests.
  • Each North American Bigfoot Expedition will have at least one special guest in attendance.  Special guests will include local researchers, scientists, television personalities, and more.  The special guest will be announced concurrently with the trip dates when registration begins.  Many trips will have more than one special guest.

Like the other publicly-available trips, camping gear and transportation will NOT be included.  However, it is probably possible to arrange rides or borrow camping equipment from other attendees by means of the online forum for registered participants.  There are also several excellent outfitters and/rental businesses in and around Portland for those who need such services.  A full list of required and suggested gear will be available on the private forum for expedition participants.  


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