Sep 042015

Back in 2012, my friend Toby Johnson gave me a call about a possible bigfoot trackway down on Cottage Grove Reservoir that would later be known as the London Trackway.  That phone call set into motion a series of events that resulted in the longest line of tracks ever documented, a chapter to Thom Powell’s paranormal-leaning book, and other works still in progress.

At first, I was convinced the tracks were real.  Now, after more than two years of closely examining them, I have my doubts.  I have since started experimenting with fake tracks to see if I can duplicate what I see in the London Trackway, and a research paper is in progress detailing my findings.

In the meantime, Toby Johnson and his son, Jude, have started a YouTube series called “Off Track.”  Toby called me for comments on the London Trackway, and I was more than happy to oblige.  Below is the result.

The above video is a good quality production, but for whatever it’s worth, Toby deserves extra kudos for doing it all on his phone!