Jul 062016

Authors Thom Powell and Joe Beelart made an appearance this past week on the local Portland, OR television station, KATU.  Thom has penned two nonfiction bigfoot books to date, his newest being titled Edges of Science (his older book, The Locals, has now become a classic).  Both of Thom’s books are must-reads for any bigfooter, but especially if one tends towards the weird side of the phenomenon.  Joe’s book, The Oregon Bigfoot Highway, was released a year ago and lays out his decades-long investigations into bigfoot sightings along the Clackamas River corridor.

The segment on KATU was a nice interview with the authors and their take on the local bigfoot mystery here in Oregon.  Of particular interest is that Thom Powell wore a jacket and tie!  Seeing that is probably rarer than seeing a sasquatch!

Here’s a link to the interview for your viewing enjoyment:  http://katu.com/amnw/books-authors/the-oregon-bigfoot-highway