2004 PNW Cast Replica



This is a limited-time offer for a first generation replica of the 2004 PNW sasquatch footprint cast.  The original is in my possession and was cast on July 23, 2004.  

Out of stock



Now available are a limited number of first generation copies of a sasquatch footprint cast made on July 23, 2004 in the Pacific Northwest.  For detail on this cast, click this link.  

The replica was made from a mold of the original cast, which is in my possession.  It is colored to bring out details in the topography of the cast.  

The cast will come autographed on the back by Cliff!  

The casting material is rather heavy, so shipping is a consideration.  To make up for this (and to keep things simple), the shipping price has been included in the total for the cast, as long as it’s shipped in the United States (for international orders, we’ll have to exchange some emails to get the shipping price correct).  Please allow two or three weeks for delivery, though it will probably arrive much more quickly.  

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