Sep 102016

A recent yowie sighting from near Toowoomba in Queensland, Australia has been reported and made the news.  The good folks at have posted their audio interview with the witness (see below).

Having done an expedition in Australia while filming Finding Bigfoot, I am 100% convinced that yowies are real animals, along with their diminutive cousins, the junjudee, or brown jack.  After having a close encounter with what I think was a yowie about an hour south of Brisbane, I suspect yowies are pretty much just another population of sasquatches that have somehow made it to the island continent.

The article that brought this sighting to my attention is below.  (Be aware that the footprint photo that is displayed with the article is not from the encounter, and no information about it was given.)

‘Seven-foot Yowie’ seen near Toowoomba

A bushwalker claims to have spotted the mythical Yowie in the Darling Downs’ mountain ranges near Toowoomba.

In an audio interview posted this week on The Yowie Hunters YouTube page, the woman says she was six metres away from Australia’s answer to the Himalayan Yeti and the North American Sasquatch.

“It was probably around seven foot tall, it had a head like a gorilla and long arms, I couldn’t see it from the waist down because it was walking through the long grass,” she said.

Read the rest of the article by clicking this link.

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