Where are the Bones?

A very logical question with a very logical answer

One of the most commonly asked questions in bigfooting is “If bigfoots are real, where are their bones?”  I answer that question with one of mine: “If bears are real, where are their bones?”

A Place for Amateurs

You, too, can be a bigfooter

Even after the academics assume their responsibility for studying sasquatches, amateur bigfooters will play an important role in this niche of physical anthropology.

eye diagram copy

Thoughts on Bigfoot Eye Shine

A hyothesis based on recognized anatomy and phsiology.

A discussion and possible explanation for glowing eyes on bigfoots.

The Ten Essentials of Bigfooting

Gathering Data in the Field

The main difference between a bigfooter and a camper is that a bigfooter is prepared to gather data.  Do you part, and bring the essentials.

A Case for Infrasound

The subsonic frequencies of the sasquatch

It is entirely possible that sasquatches are utilizing infrasonic frequencies for a variety of purposes.  They wouldn’t be the only mammals to do so.



Using Thermal Imagers

Seeing heat in the dark

Thermal imagers are the most powerful tools available to bigfooters today.  They are, however, not without their drawbacks.  This article discusses strategies for their deployment when trying to obtain footage of sasquatches.

What is It? – Appearances can be Deceiving

Analysis of a purported bigfoot photograph

This photograph from a trail camera in Minnesota shows an interesting figure, but what exactly is it?

 fig 8

The Umatilla Calls

A Comparative Acoustic Analysis of the ‘Umatilla Calls’

A biologist’s analysis.


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