Orang Pendek Project – 7/30/13


Sometime during the last few days of July, 2013, a man named Pak Saril witnessed an orang pendek near Hutang Gunung Sangkar, which roughly translates to the “Debt of the Caged Mountain.”  Word spread of the encounter, and Jhonisa, one of my Sumatran contacts, heard of the encounter and visited the site on July 30.  A footprint was found, and was later cast.  It is not known if more than one footprint was found.

The cast shows leaves and forest debris from the jungle floor, some of which was buried in the mud in the impression.  A right foot made the print, and the adducted, or divergent hallux is pronounced and well-defined all the way down the toe stem.  It connects to the medial cuneiform bone just a little forward of halfway down the inside of the foot.  The cast shows a subtle bulge at the front of the foot pad near the base of the toes.  This seems corresponds to where the metatarsal head meets the base of the phalanx, or the proximal phalanges.

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