Orang Pendek Project – 8/14/13


A man named Pak Agus living near Kerinci Sablat National Park found footprints that he attributed to an orang pendek on August 13, 2013.  He believes that the animal passed by two days before and the footprints were fresh.  He contacted one of the trackers for the Orang Pendek Project who arrived the following day.  Jhon, the tracker, took a number of photographs and cast one footprint.

The footprint cast is interesting in several regards.  First, the toes impressed into the ground at different depths.  Also, right behind the hallux, there is a slight bend in the foot that could either be the signature of a flexible midfoot, or the result of a heavy heel impression and roll off to the ball.  Since so many other footprints show signs of a flexible midfoot, and apes are known to have this anatomical feature, I feel the former interpretation is the correct one.

The cast was not well protected during shipping, but did not break on the long journey to my home in Portland, OR.  However, it rubbed against another cast in the same box which wore away some of both casts resulting in the white parts on the cast on its highest elevations.  The Sumatrans have since improved their shipping techniques to as to avoid the potential loss of data.

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