Orang Pendek Project – July 14, 2013



Very little is known about this footprint event, and my conclusions after sleuthing the documentation might contain errors.  Descriptions of the events were promised at a later date than the reporting of the initial find, but a flurry of footprint finds towards the end of July, 2013 eclipsed this track’s priority in the mind of my Sumatran contacts.  Adding to this problem are language and cultural barriers.  Such are some of the challenges of the Orang Pendek Project in general, but with casts such as this one being produced, I feel I have little room to complain.

What is known about this track find is that a man named Safruden found the track line somewhere near a place called Sulak Deras. There are four such places in the valley south of Kerinci, so this track could be from any of them in this small geographic area.  Safruden found this print while walking to his farm.

While looking at the photograph of the footprint in the ground, the viewer will immediately note that it seems to be a right foot, yet the cast is of a left foot.  It is unknown if the cast pictured above is from this same event or not, but the photographs of my tracker, Jhon, which are clearly time-stamped, were sent in the same bundle as the photograph of the cast taken by my Sumatran friends immediately after cleaning.  Though this is a little frustrating, I have to choice but to include them together as one track event.  Perhaps the cast was from another footprint?  Was the footprint shown cast, and if so, where is that cast?  These question might never be answered.  All that can be done is to encourage my Sumatran contacts to document things in a timely and appropriate manner, which they certainly have done since this time.

Whether or not the cast is from this footprint find might not matter in the long run.  It clearly is an orang pendek print, and the cast is clear and well-defined.  When I put things in perspective, even this print has more complete documentation than many sasquatch footprints in the North American data set.

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