Historic Bigfoot Business in Oakhurst, CA

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Feb 212017
Bigfoot Burger Pit

Bigfoot Drive-In Burger Pit in Oakhurst, CA

This historic photograph was found on The Studebaker Drivers Club Forum and was posted by user “kurtruk” with the following information: 

Bigfoot Drive In Burger Pit was in Oakhurst, Ca on Hwy 41. Closed in the early 1980’s. Former MLB pitcher Rudy May owned the property and was going to build another restaurant on the site but never did AFAIK. Restaurant had a few yellowed newspaper clippings, and a casting of a Bigfoot “footprint.”

What I would like to know is whatever happened to that footprint cast?  Was it a copy or an original?  Where and when was it cast?  Do any of my readers have any information on this?  If you find out anything on this, or already know something about this, please contact me!  

Sep 062015


Emily, Cedar, and Chase pose with Cliff Barackman in front of the Eagle Cliff Store

Emily, Cedar, and Chase pose with Cliff Barackman in front of the Eagle Cliff Store.

I spent some time in Gifford Pinchot National Forest this past week driving from Stevenson, WA up to Randle, WA.  I then turned south and went through Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument.  It was there while driving on Forest Road 90 that I saw a sign for the Eagle Creek Store and Campground.  My mind went into overdrive at that moment trying to figure out why I knew that name, and then it dawned on me.  I was once told that this store had some bigfoot casts on display.  I immediately made a left turn and went to the store for a visit.

I quickly located the two casts that were on display.  They were hanging on a support post to the left of the cash register.  A nice woman named Emily greeted me and asked if there was anything I needed.  I told her that I heard about the bigfoot casts she had on the wall, and then went on to notify her that the sign stating they were from 1968 was incorrect.  The top cast is a copy of the Patterson/Gimlin Film subject’s left foot cast which was taken by Roger and Bob on the same day they got the footage in 1967.  The bottom cast is surely a sand-copy of a Gray’s Harbor cast from 1982, probably duplicated by Cliff Crook.

Erroneously labeled footprint casts from the Eagle Cliff Store.

Erroneously labeled footprint casts from the Eagle Cliff Store.

Emily then asked if I was on “that show.”  I confessed I was, and she invited her two sons in to meet me.  The younger boy, Chase, was coincidentally celebrating his sixth birthday that day, so I briefly played it like I came for that reason.

According to Emily, the store’s owner, she receives on average one bigfoot-related story every week from people stopping in to the store.  This is exactly the reason I try to make it a point to stop by rural stores like the Eagle Cliff Store as much as possible when I’m out on the road.  So much information can be found by contacting the people who live out in the woods like Emily and her family.  In general, I find that people like Emily are happy to share information, though this might be skewed a bit because of my being on television.  Perhaps the stories would not be so readily shared if I was just some guy asking about sasquatches.

Emily also shared that there used to be many more bigfoot-related things on the walls, including more casts.  The previous owners all took their favorites off the walls when they left, leaving the current establishment with only two.  If anyone has photographs of the other casts on the walls from long ago, I’d very much like to see the pictures.  If anyone has any of the casts themselves, I would be very interested to find out which ones you have.  Please email me directly at NorthAmericanBigfoot@gmail.com with any information about the past artifacts on display!

After a nice conversation and an invitation to email me with any interesting bigfoot stuff she runs across, I said goodbye.  On the way out I found my traveling partner, Craig Flipy talking to Chase outside.  Chase was showing off to Craig how hard he could bite his own teeth.

Craig and Chase talk about how hard they bite their own teeth.

Craig and Chase talk about how hard they bite their own teeth.

When you find yourself out on the road in bigfoot country, do yourself a favor and stop at some of these little stores.  Be sure to buy a couple things (most of these stores need all the business they can get), and strike up a conversation with the people who work there.  Interesting stories, local legends, and helpful contacts can come from a few kind words exchanged.