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Jan 132017

FLIR Scout TK Thermal Monocular

For years, thermal imagers have remained very expensive and largely out of reach for most bigfooters.  Even the less expensive units cost thousands of dollars.  Recently FLIR has been working to change this, starting with the release of their FLIR One back in 2015 (Click here to see a list of thermal imagers I have used, including the FLIR One).  

Now FLIR has raised the bar by lowering the price of an excellent little unit that can literally fit into your pocket.  Most importantly for bigfooters, it can record both still photographs and videos internally, to be later exported to your computer.  What is the price for this little unit?  Less than $600 at the time of this writing (click the above link to find out what these are priced at now).  

Of course, at this price there has to be a down side.  In this case, the resolution of the unit is not as good as their higher priced units, but that can be forgiven at this price.  The resolution really matters for bigfooting when looking at objects at a great distance.  This isn’t really a problem if you mostly scan the woods around your camp or the road you’re walking on, though.  Visibility in these conditions is usually less than 40 or 50 yards anyway.  Under those circumstances, this unit would be more than adequate.  

 For examples of what people look like at various distances through this unit, check out the video below from an independent party:


So there you have it.  Yet another piece of thermal imaging technology has come within the financial reach of the average Joe.  Yeah, $550 is still a lot of money, but just think what units like this will cost in a few years!  Think how good the units will be in this price range if you wait around a bit.  Whether you buy now or later, good things are coming to Bigfootland.  I can’t wait to see the footage we, the bigfoot community, obtain over the coming years.