Aug 252015


My North American Bigfoot Blog has unfortunately fallen by the wayside this past year.  With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, my website, the production schedule for Finding Bigfoot, and trying to find a little time to just be Cliff, I have just not had the time to publish anything in the blog format.  However, there are some things that really lend themselves to blog format more than the above mentioned media, and certainly my brain has been firing overtime with things I could write about.

So, without much fanfare or to-do, I’m restarting my blogging in hopes of making it a habit.  I’ve moved the old North American Bigfoot blog content over here to so as to consolidate my efforts.  I’ll eventually point the URL over to this site, but it’s not a high priority yet.  (Sometimes it takes a high priority for me to pay attention to something in a timely manner.)  I’m probably still working out the bugs on transferring my blog over to this format, so pardon any inconvenience in navigation or ease of use.  Things will get smoother as we go along.

The North American Bigfoot Blog was only about bigfoot and other hominoids.  I’m going to eventually branch this version of the blog out to other topics that include my music endeavors, other cryptids, and anything else I find interesting that I  think you might too.  I’ll let a little more of my personality and interests shine through than I did previously.  Just be ready for it.  I’m kind of an eccentric guy.

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