Sep 222015

On Saturday, September 19, 2015 I received a call from Will Robinson. He excitedly informed me that he had seen a sasquatch the night before.

Will and a friend were hunting and camping just southeast of Mt. Hood in the general vicinity of White River. Being an experienced bigfooter with an excellent bigfoot call, Will wanted to elicit sasquatch vocalizations for his skeptical friend. They stopped randomly at an intersection of roads and got out their vehicle to do some calls.

Will did a call and miraculously received an excellent return vocalization from the west followed by a series of owl vocalizations. The call was not an owl nor a coyote, and sounded like the yells that Will and I got at Will Call Hill that were featured on an episode of Finding Bigfoot.

Will was thrilled, and his skeptical friend shaken, so the two stayed around and discussed what they were hearing. After approximately ten minutes, the two started hearing periodic brush popping off the road to their left. An animal was moving through the brush doing its best to remain quiet, but the two had heard it. Will guessed it was a bear or maybe an elk at that point.

Will’s friend was pretty unnerved, so when Will suggested that they go find out what was making the noise, his friend refused. Will borrowed his friends tactical flashlight, turned it on, and approached the dense cover where the “bear” was heard lurking.

Will shone the light across the wall of trees and brush scanning for a glimpse of whatever was moving. The light fell on what was clearly a face in the brush. It was peering through a break in the bushes at about four feet above the level of the road. After just a split second, the face ducked out of view and was gone leaving behind a black void in the trees where it had been. Will’s friend said he also saw a flash of an animal’s movement in the brush at the same moment, thus eliminating some sort of misperception. Neither of the two heard nor saw anything else from this creature after their brief glimpse.

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