2011 Bounds Footage

On July 5, 2011, Stacy Bounds was vacationing from Texas with his sons at Crooked Oaks Rental Cabins.  The two boys set up a video camera using a barbecue as a sort of tripod to steady the camera on themselves as they filmed.  The subject of the video was to be how to make s’mores.  As they boys demonstrated the art of making s’mores, and unbeknownst to them, a figure ran behind them in the woods.  The figure was not noticed until two days later when one of the boys pointed it out to the other and jokingly said it was a bigfoot.  (It should be noted that even now neither of the boys thinks that sasquatches are real animals, though one is more open minded than the other.)  Stacy was most concerned with the fact that he was unaware that there was something large just a few dozen yards away from this two young sons.  This seemed to really frighten the man.

The figure seems to be upright based on what is visible in the footage, as well as on our recreation.  It is just too tall to be something like a black bear running in the woods on all fours.  A precious few frames of the footage suggest arms and shoulders.  The color is uniformly dark from head to down to perhaps the knee area (any lower than this is obscured by plants and debris as it runs).  It moves quickly and smoothly across the background through the woods, and it seems to jump over something, perhaps a log, as it makes its way.


Our recreation indicated that the figure was not huge, but was about Bobo’s size.  Bobo stands about 6 ft 4 in in boots, so I estimate the figure’s height to be between 6 and 6.5 feet tall.  It is running at a good clip, but Bobo ran just about as fast.  However, the figure ran in a very fluid way with little or no head bobbing, which was very different from Bobo’s gait.


There is a possibility that the figure is a human, but it seems doubtful.  The temperature was over 110 degrees earlier that day, and it seems most unlikely that someone would be wearing dark clothing from head to toe.  What is even more unlikely is someone wearing an ape suit in those conditions.  Also consider that the would-be hoaxer was not seen by anyone at the time of the encounter.  Hoaxers usually want their work to be seen by someone, and this figure was not noticed for days after filming.