Footprint Database

Jerry Crew holding the original 1958 footprint that gave the world the term, "bigfoot."



For the last several decades, the sasquatch has been directly associated with its footprint casts. In fact, in the United States, the idea of bigfoot was introduced to the public at large by means of a photograph of Jerry Crew holding a large plaster footprint cast in the Eureka Times Standard newspaper.


To date, there have been very few opportunities for the general public to examine this compelling evidence unless they happen to know a bigfooter with a couple casts in his or her collection. It is the goal of this section of my website to offer an online collection of information about the excellent data available in the form of foot, hand, and other body impressions that have been found and documented over the years.


Many of the casts depicted in the database are from my private collection. These and a few others can be photographed in a controlled environment against a background that has a prominent 1 inch, or 1/2 inch grid. Other casts encountered in the field cannot be photographed under such ideal conditions. Whenever possible, the cast or footprint will be photographed with a scale item.


The documentation of impressions and trackways has generally been of poor quality. Much information is missing, or was never collected at all. Due to this, much data will unfortunately have to be left as “unknown”. Some other information will be withheld at the request of the investigators themselves. Such information might include locations or witness’ names. When this occurs, it will be noted as “confidential”.


The measurements indicated in the database are taken in inches. The overall length (shown in the diagram below as measurement A) is measured from the base of the heel to the point on the toes that is farthest forward. Note that this measurement is not tied to a particular digit, but rather the greatest overall length of the foot. The width of the ball (measurement B from the diagram) is taken at the widest point below the toes. The heel width is similarly taken at the widest point on the heel (measurement C).


If the reader disagrees with my methods, I encourage you to take your own measurements. That is, after all, part of the objectives of this project. Hopefully you will find my photographs will be of good enough quality for you to do so.