Field Investigations

1997 New York Baby Footage

The Finding Bigfoot team does an onsite investigation with the witness.

2008 McKenzie River Footage

Matt Stansberry captures interesting footage of a large figure while filming for a fly fishing blog.

2010 Molalla

Road Crossing

A woman observes a sasquatch in the Molalla River Corridor.

2010 Minnesota Peeker

A woman observes a large male sasquatch peeking into a window before walking across the road.

2011 Footprint Investigation

Additional tracks are discovered and cast while interviewing witness at location of previous track find.

2011 New Mexico Thermal Footage

BFRO Investigator, Kirk Brandenburg, captures a possible sasquatch on thermal imager in NM.

2011 Bounds Footage

Two kids capture an upright figure running in Oklahoma.

2011 Handprint on Glass

A large, greasy handprint is discovered on a glass door in Florida1

2012 Brown Footage

Stacy Brown Sr. captures thermal footage of a figure stepping out from behind a tree.

2012 Sulk Photograph

A deer triggers a trail camera photo that has an unusual figure in the background.

2012 Mink Creek Footage

High school students film a purported sasquatch while on a geology field trip.

2012 Vermont
Trail Camera Photograph

A man captures a strange figure on his trail camera.

2013 Duhon Photograph

A trail camera captures a large dark figure watching crows eat hog bait in Louisiana.

2015 White River Sighting

A season bigfoot researcher observes a sasquatch in the brush while scouting an elk hunting location.

2017 Morton

Road Crossing

A security guard observes a sasquatch running across the road on the afternoon of May 31, 2017 driving north from Morton, WA.

2018 Olympic Peninsula Sighting

A young man observes a sasquatch in the brush on the opposite side of a river.

2018 Beavercreek Sighting

A woman and her daughter observe a sasquatch on an adjacent property while going door-to-door through a rural neighborhood.