2011 Brandenburg Thermal Footage

Kirk Brandenburg obtained possible thermal footage of a sasquatch while on a BFRO expedition in April of 2011. The location of the expedition was chosen based on a history of encounters doing back years.


According to Brandenburg, it was a pretty slow expedition, as no sounds indicating the presence of saquatches were heard during the trip. On one of the nights, Kirk decided he was going to use his H-Series FLIR thermal imager to monitor some outlying tents near their camp in the case of a nocturnal visit by a bigfoot. Before setting up the gear, he took a few looks around camp. One of the sweeps of the outlying area showed what Kirk initially thought was a stump or some other inanimate object. Though the figure didn’t seem to be moving, he zoomed in on the figure for a closer look for a second video. Finally, a third video of the object was obtained from a slightly different position, about twenty feet closer than the first two clips.

 It was only the next day when Kirk realized what he might have captured on video. He was discussing the strange thing he saw the night before with his fellow expeditioners, and they later reviewed the footage on a larger laptop screen. The humanoid shape was only then really visible. They then went to the location where Kirk was standing and looked through the thermal imager to where the figure was standing, and much to Kirk’s surprise, the figure was gone.


Kirk, being a seasoned bigfoot investigator, took several measurements and took careful note of where he was standing for each of the three pieces of footage. He also took efforts to figure out where the subject was standing. We used this information in our recreation of the video, though slight refinements of camera position and subject placement were made. These refinements were based on the use of trees and limbs in the foreground of the video. I am confident that I was standing just a few feet at most from the exact location Kirk was in when the video was taken.


 The subject of the video was 142 yards from the camera in the first and third videos. By putting Bobo in the subject’s position, it was clear that whatever that is in the video was bigger than Bobo, both in height and girth. My best estimate of the figure’s height placed it between 7 and 7.5 feet tall.


 Kirk also did an excellent analysis of his own video. The height he arrived at was 7 ft 1 in. Since both of our estimates match each other, I am satisfied that this is the real approximate height of the unknown figure.  Below is a video from Kirk’s Youtube channel showing his work.