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1960 Bluff Creek, CA

Cast by Peter Byrne

1963 Bluff Creek, CA

Cast by Al Hodgson

1963 Hyampom, CA

Cast by Bob Titmus

1963 Laird Meadow

Cast by Roger Patterson

1980 Stillaguamish River, WA

Cast by Douglas Trapp

1982 "Knuckles"

Cast by Paul Freeman

1982 "Dermals"

Cast by Paul Freeman

1986 Tollgate, OR

Cast by Loretta Nietch

1988 "Rock"

Cast by Paul Freeman

1988 Strathcona Provincial Park, BC

Cast by Dr. John and Joan Bindernagel

1991 Mill Creek Road

Cast by several witnesses

1996 Five Points, WA

Cast by Dr. Jeff Meldrum

1997 Elkins Creek, GA

Cast by Dr. James P. Akin

1999 Colton, OR

Cast by Frank Kaneaster

2004 Sulfur River Bottoms, AR

Cast by Doyle Holmes

2005 Mescalero, NM Handprint

Collected by Dennis Pfol

2005 Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness

Photographed by John Rittel

2005 Priest River, ID

Photographed by Unknown

2007 Blackwater Falls State Park, WV

Photographed by Randy Mollomo

2009 Detroit Lake, OR

Photographed by Alex B.

2009 Lake Quinault, WA

Cast by Anonymous

2009 Kootenai National Forest, MT

Photographed by Anonymous

2009 Sandy River, OR

Photographed by Will Robinson

2010 Skokomish River, WA

Photographed by Anonymous

2011 Bull Mountain, GA

Photographed by Jeff Allison

2011 Bull Mountain, GA casts

Cast by Cliff Barackman

2011 Mt. Hood, OR

Photographed by Anonymous

2012 Beaver Creek, ID

Photographed by Anonymous

2012 Bote Mountain, TN

Photographed by Anonymous

2013 Arcata, CA

Photographed by Anonymous

2013 Alligator Alley, FL

Photographed by Anonymous

2013 Tsaile, AZ

Cast by Johnny Willeto

2013 Mt. Gosford, Quebec

Photographed by Stephane Marier

2014 Trimble County, KY

Cast by Thomas Shay

2014 Greenwater, WA

Cast by Marc Moberg

2015 Munra Point Trail. OR

Photographed by Anonymous

2017 Cuba, NM

Photographed by "Jay"

2017 "Nutella Cast"

Collected by Thomas Shay and Steve Cornell

2017 Estacada, OR

Collected by Anonymous

2018 Cheshire, OR

Collected by Chris Minniear

2018 Olympic Peninsula

Photographed by Cliff Barackman

2018 Owen County, IN

Cast by Anonymous