1999 Colton, OR

Date Location Length Width (ball) Width (heel) Step length (average)

January 29, 1999

Colton, OR
17 in
8.25 in
6.25 in

This is one of several interesting original casts in possession of Thom Powell.  This cast shows what could be dermatoglyphics in several spots, but they are clearest near the heel.

The toes in this impression are strange looking. I initially thought that the cast might be a hoax, but there is another possibility that the creature’s toes were tightly flexed. Remember that the cast does not show what the foot looked like, but rather shows the damage that the foot did to the ground as the creature passed.

-Update 7/19/2011-


Jimmy Chilcutt, non-human primate dermatoglyphics expert and fingerprint expert witness, has given some insight into the dermatoglyphics on this cast.  Below is his statement:


“I have examined the footprint cast you had sent to me. I observed dermal ridges in the heel area. These appear to be real dermal ridges, and are those of a primate. In my opinion they are not ridge artifacts. I cannot however positively determine if they are non-human ridges or human ridges. There is just not enough ridge area to make that call. I’m sorry I could not have been more help.”


Inconclusive, but good to have some further expert analysis.