2012 Beaver Creek, ID

Date Location Length Width (ball) Width (heel) Step length (average)

August 19, 2012

Beaver Creek, ID
8 in
2.6 in
1.5 in
60 - 72 in

This footprint was found by a witness (name withheld) and his girlfriend while camping at Beaver Creek in southeast Idaho.  The area was a marsh near a beaver dam.


While this print is human in size and proportion, the location, context, and step lengths make it possible that this is a juvenile sasquatch track.  The print is not clear enough to gauge how “human” the print is.  The fifth digit often is the deciding factor, but it is not well defined in the only photo taken of the print.  It is shared here as a possible indicator that sasquatches are in the area.


Below is an excerpt from the email that accompanied this print photo:


“I discounted it as a child’s footprint at first, but my girlfriend, I, and a couple we were camping with had been near this part of the creek and beaver dam for 5 days, 4 nights. We didn’t see any children the whole time we were camping there. Plus the footprint was several feet from the shore in the mud and water.  No prints in the mud leading up to it or after it.  Like it leaped 5 feet to this point then leapt another 6 feet to the other shore. Just didn’t seem right.  Any child with an 8 inch footprint wouldn’t be able to make those 2 stride lengths. ” 


The witness goes on to briefly mention another experience: “Five weeks earlier about 3 miles from here at the mouth of St. Charles Canyon we heard 3 powerful haunting screams in 2 nights. Never heard anything like it.  Guessing I may of heard my 1st Squatch.”

This area has a history of bigfoot activity.  Two reports of bigfoot activity can be found on the BFRO database that mention the above locations.  One report mentions vocalizations from Beaver Creek where the above print was found.  The other report tells of seeing figures at the mouth of St. Charles Canyon where the above witness heard the “haunting screams.”  The area seems to be active still, as is often the case with sasquatches.  They like going to the same areas again and again.
Beaver Creek is only a short distance from Bear Lake in southeast Idaho.